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anna_en_route ([personal profile] anna_en_route) wrote2008-09-14 02:25 pm
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I´m in St Cilia de Jaca which is a very pretty town that looks half finished, sheep seem to be everywhere and you can always hear the sound of their bells.

Today was beautiful, blue sky no clouds and enough of a breeze not to be stiffling. the only slight blot is that my ankle keeps buckling at inconvenient moments (only a little painful but every time it happens I worry that I´ve actually twisted it). I might keep to short days for a little while to baby it along.

I´m still not quite in the camino vibe but I´m getting closer to it.

I´m enjoying the first few days of this walk far more than the last one though.

I haven´t eaten nearly as much flan as I expected, still there´s always time...

I´m hoping to find some way up to St Juan de la peña, either today or tommorow

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