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Or at least I'm hoping to be one again.

My little brother has just finished his own Camino and I am both inspired and deeply jealous. It made me really long to be back on the trail with the mud, the heat and the snorers.

I would like to walk the Camino again next year but from a different starting point (either Somport- 850 km or Arles-1600 km depending on how fit I am and how much time I can spare).
I will need to resurrect my Spanish and my (even more rusty) high school French and train to the point where I can walk 30k a day consistently with 10kg on my back (by the end of my last Camino this sort of thing seemed like a breeze, I miss being that fit).

I am also thinking about walking the Shikoku pilgrimage in Japan in the more distant future( four years time maybe?), I stumbled on it randomly on the internet and the huge similarities between it and the Camino are really striking. I would need to spend a couple of years learning Japanese (in between French and Spanish...have I mentioned that I'm not so great at languages?), getting a basic understanding of Shingon Buddhism and learning the etiquette involved in staying in Japanese country inns.

I'm also, of course, going to resurrect this journal to track my training and my language failures.

This time next year I hope to be somewhere on the Meseta


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