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And about to set off for Jaca.

I started in Ooloron and spent three days climbing up to the somport pass only to come down the other side again.

The views are unbelieveable and I don´t think my photos will capture them properly.

It alternates between cold and rainy and very hot, neither of which are ideal but I´m coping ok. Only one blister so far in 60 k so that´s ok.

Gites de tapes are fantastic and cheaper than I expected but I´m almost looking forward to the crowded refugios.

I´ve met some intersting people ( many of whome seem to be going in the oposite direction).

Looking forwards to the rest of my camino
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Well here goes nothing, With only a few hours to go.

My Itinerary:

Tonight I fly off England (for 26 hours!!!)

7 September(NZ)
9Pm- Fly To Auckland

11Pm - Fly to Heathrow

8th September (UK)

2:35 PM Arrive Heathrow Terminal 1
Meet grandparents if possible
Take the underground from Heath Row to Liverpool Street (Piccadilly line to
Holborn and then Central to Liverpool St)

Later - Get the Stansted Express Train from Liverpool Street Station. London, To Bishops Stortford Station.
Stay at George Green Little Hallingbury Bishops Stortford,Stansted Airport Hertfordshire CM22 7PP, England

9th September

4am (!!!!) Get free hostel shuttle to Stansted

6:20 AM Catch Flight FR2356 to Pau in France

09:15 AM Arrive Pau Catch a taxi to the rail-way station and then a train to Oloron St Marie

September 10- November 1
Walk Camino, hopefully to finisterre

November 2 Catch flight to Rome

November 6 Catch flight to Paris

Get back to London somehow (yet to book)

13 November (UK)
Catch flight to New Zealand

15 November (NZ) Arrive new Zealand- 11 AM
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Well I've finally done it, I loaded most of my Camino pics onto a photo bucket account (still missing some of the later Santiago pictures but other than pretty).
amazing architecture, cute animals, Spanish countryside and sentimental landmarks behind the cut.

Camino Pictures )
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Yep that's right I finally got around to getting my pictures from Spain scanned.
I'm planning on adding them to my journal entries later on but in the meantime just for [ profile] diomedian

A trained falcon in Pamplona )
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Cleverly stolen from my mother.....this is her Camino packing list(with underwear references taken out!)

I've added a Y next to the stuff I've already got (I'm going to try mum's boots on again when she and dad come to visit in July as they fitted me quite well over summer so I don't want to buy anything before I've tried them on) and an N next to stuff I'm thinking about not taking.
I will repost this when I've got more stuff.
My packing list )


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