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I've mostly just been walking around because the crowds kind of scare me right now.

On the first day I threw a couple of coins into the Trevi fountain, walked round the outside of the coloseum, walked over to Travastere to buy some books ( any books...god it feels good to read English language books). I also walked round the ruins by the coloseum, saw the circus maximus and the smallest inhabited island in the world.

On the second day I walked out to the New Zealand embassy, found that the Canadian embassy had moved in and spend the next 2 hours walking round the same few streets looking for the street where they'd moved to. I finally found them, voted (lovely experience, embassy staff are awesome) and then walked back and saw the Pantheon, after that I kind of got a bit lost, found pizza (actually pizza is everywhere) and a gelateria with a huge selection of flavours, two gelatis later the heavens opened and a spectacular thunderstorm started.
I walked back to the pantheon to watch the rain falling down through the dome and then got pretty soaked as I walked back to the hostel marveling at the lightening.

I don't know what I'll do today, I honestly don't feel like I've got the energy for the Vatican so the Sistine chapel might have to wait for the next time I'm here, I might go and wend my way through the capotoline museums.
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