Nov. 6th, 2008

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So yesterday despite being kind of tired I walked out to the Spanish steps and then over to the Vatican to look round the museum, I saw a mere fraction of what they've got but I did manage to fit in the Sistine chapel and the Raphael rooms.

I'm walking everywhere I can in Rome because I have a slightly bad reaction to wheat ( to the gluten in it I think). On the Camino the stomach aches that I usually get went away almost completely, I was walking with two people who are a lot more sensitive to gluten than I am and they found exactly the same thing, huge hunks of bread at every meal didn't seem to do us much harm at all. The only problem was when we stopped or slowed down all of the affects came back full force. In cacabelos where I stopped for a couple of days I found it very hard to leave because I had a stomach ache and really didn't feel like walking.

In Rome where there's a pizzaria around every corner I'm trying to keep the walking up as much as possible to stop the stomach aches.

Today I have a flight in the afternoon so I will be going nowhere more exciting than the laundrette.

Paris tonight!


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