Sep. 13th, 2008

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And about to set off for Jaca.

I started in Ooloron and spent three days climbing up to the somport pass only to come down the other side again.

The views are unbelieveable and I don´t think my photos will capture them properly.

It alternates between cold and rainy and very hot, neither of which are ideal but I´m coping ok. Only one blister so far in 60 k so that´s ok.

Gites de tapes are fantastic and cheaper than I expected but I´m almost looking forward to the crowded refugios.

I´ve met some intersting people ( many of whome seem to be going in the oposite direction).

Looking forwards to the rest of my camino

In Jaca

Sep. 13th, 2008 06:29 pm
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And still terribly awed by the scenery.

I didn´t mention earlier but the fort du portalet on the way up to Col du Somport was absolutely amazing. It´s an old prison cut into a sheer cliff face, you could see little windows all the way down the side.

One minor gripe, not too impressed with the CSJ guidebook for Aragon, I´m sitting in the municipal alburgue for pilgrims and it´s fantastic, and not in my book at all (and it´s been around for at least two years because one of the other pilgrims stayed here two years ago.

P.S. my tiny bits of high school French came in terribly handy and I even got to use ferme la porte.
Unfortunately I seem to have lost my Spanish again but i´m sure it will come back.


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